What Is This Worthiness Thing, and How Do I Get It?

Worthiness. This is something so many of my clients struggle with. Many women feel unworthy, at a deep unconscious level. Of course CONSCIOUSLY we know we are worthy, but at a very deep level, somewhere inside, there's a little voice telling us we are unworthy. How does this voice show up?

Not pushing ourselves in our career

Not speaking our truth

Feeling "walked all over" or used

Settling for a bad or so-so relationship

Putting up with crap from other people

So what do we do?

We need to change this belief of unworthiness on a very deep level. When you have a sense of worthiness, you don't need external validation and you know exactly what you deserve. This is something I work on with my clients all the time. On your own, the first step is being aware of this belief that's holding you back. Journal all the ways you're worthy. Start to set boundaries with toxic people. Really think about what you are not willing to put up with in your relationship. Spend time meditating on how worthiness feels for you, and step into that feeling as often as you can. And having a reminder around your neck doesn't hurt either!